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Tree of Life Meaning Celtic Tapestry

The tree of life meaning according to the Druids was the symbolic link between heaven and earth. The Celtic tapestry top branches represents reaching to the heavens along with the roots, representing the earth. This was just one of the Celtic symbols. Proudly show off your Celtic heritage with this unique wall decor masterpiece.

This Celtic tapestry is a stunning piece of beauty and artwork. Carefully woven with high quality 100 percent cotton. Jacquard woven with a high rich color and depth. Measuring 46" by 46" without the rod. 51" with a rod. Rod not included.

  • Vibrant rich colors for a piece of unique wall decor 
  • Rod pocket carefully hand stitched makes display simple and secure
  • Easily displays over a large window or wall 
  • Machine washable or hand wash
  • High quality 100% cotton