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LED Teddy Bear Night Light


Description: The LED teddy bear night light is designed to help add a lovely touch to your kid's bedroom. As some kids feel ashamed of using night lights as they grow, but this led teddy bear night light is the perfect addition. It emits a soft yet bright light, that doesn't disrupt your kid but offers them a clear view of the room. So they can shield their eyes from the harsh white or yellow light as they make their way to the bathroom. In addition, the LED light is set on the perfect frequency that ensures that you can withhold your sleep and helps create the perfect sleeping mood.


This adorable led teddy bear night light comes with a charming range of seven different light colors. So you can pick the one that your child loves. Or you could surprise them with a new color each night of the week. In addition, the led light runs on AA batteries so you can easily place it on any platform on your kid's room, without having to worry about electricity issues in your kid's room. Making it a completely safe and stylish addition to your kid's bedroom.


The night light highlights a well-lit teddy bear silhouette, that is showcasing a huge heart in its lap. Creating a charming classic teddy bear look, with a modern touch of wired led light. So you and your kids can enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to technology and design.


- Wattage: 0-5 W

- Battery Type: AA (Not Included)

- Light: LED