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Hydration Pack - Outdoor Backpack 5 Liters


Let's Bear Grylls it in the woods with this Hydration Pack. Well, Bear Grylls likes to stay in hotels, so I guess he doesn't need this, but I am sure you could use it. This is best hydration pack on the market and will keep you hydrated the entire length of your journey. 

This hydration pack comes in 6 different colors. This beast can hold up to 5 liters of water (169 oz), that is enough to get you through a day of hiking. Made with ultra light weight nylon and mesh material.

Adjustable straps and chest and shoulder straps for ultra comfort. Feeling light weight even when filled. Perfect for a runner, bicycling, or hiking. 


Product Specifications 

  • Ultra comfort mesh-nylon material - Scratch Resistant
  • Light weight when filled
  • Adjustable chest and shoulder straps
  • 6 different color choices
  • Best hydration pack for running, hiking, or cycling
  • Comes with water bag