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Ambient Lighting Home Decor Lightbulbs

 Spruce up your home decor with these gorgeous Ambien Lighting Lightbulbs. Perfect unique gift for anyone in the family. These stunning home decor lightbulbs come in 14 different designs. 

We have 2 wood base options which can be purchased separately.    


1. Light base with a screw socket and cord - Bulb screws into base


2. LED Display with USB plug - Bulb displays on the base



• Input voltage: 95V~264VAC 50/60Hz
• Screw mouth: E27 ~ E26
• Rated power: 3W LED
• Working life: more than 100,000 hours
• Material:Each E.P. Light bulb is crafted from the best quality resin, available only in Burma as far as we know, which it's highly transparent, Eco-friendly, recyclable.

E.P Light