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Gothic Jewelry

Gothic Jewelry - Hole in the web. Fine english pewter gothic jewelry by Alchemy Gothic. Bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces. Made from 100% free lead english pewter. Alchemy Gothic is the best pewter jewelry on the market. Free Shipping.

Corset Tight Lacing Bangle Bracelet


Corset Tight Lacing Bangle Bracelet Rock and Shock your goth girl friends with this stunning sexy Gothic Victorian style corset tight lacing bangle bracelet. This will send shivering tingles down any bad emo boy's spine. Perfect for a Halloween party or to just wear around everyday comfortably. This elegant design is an Alchemy Gothic exclusive made with 100% lead free,...

Dragon Ear Cuff


Dragon Ear Cuff Polished and shined from the 5th century, here comes Ostrogoth. Let's slay the medieval times with this stunning Ostrogoth Dragon Ear Cuff. Earning you the unique title "Lady Dragon Slayer! Excellent for regular use or your medieval wench costume!  This grotesque, stylish dragon ear cuff is an Alchemy Gothic exclusive made with 100% lead free, polished fine English pewter....

Illuminati Symbol Cross


Illuminati Symbol Cross Necklace If your goth and mysterious, you sure know what this Illuminati Symbol Cross necklace stands for. I sure don't, I am sure Alex Jones know what it means. I just think it is a beautiful piece of alchemy work.  Whether your into the Illuminati or you just like how it shines in the dark, or keeps...

Bushido Blade Necklace


Bushido Blade Necklace Master the Bushido code with this striking Bushido Blade Necklace. Personally, I would probably just use it to cut my watermelon. Learning Integrity, Respect, Courage, Honor, Compassion, Honesty, Sincerity, Loyalty and Duty can be a daunting task, but you can rest at ease with this around your neck. This 2.5" traditional Japanese katakana is made of fine English pewter. Inscribed...

Dragon Tooth Necklace - Froda


Dragon Tooth Necklace - Froda Down from the mountain, here comes Froda the Dragon! As he comes, you sneak past a large boulder and secretly stab him in the gut. Victorious! The dragon has been slain! As your trophy, you make a dragon's tooth necklace.This wonderful piece will go down in history, as you wear it proudly around your neck....

Unicorn Necklace - Maiden's Conquest


Unicorn Necklace - Maiden's Conquest Are Unicorns real? Sure, in your imagination they are. Wearing this gorgeous piece, you will stand out in the crowd. This unicorn necklace would make a great accessory to every Maiden with an evening gown. It has magical powers, trust me. Ask my wife. This necklace is made of solid fine English pewter, with a...

Slayer Eagle Angel of Death Stud Earrings


Slayer Eagle Angel of Death Stud Earrings FN! SLAYER!!! Anybody that listens to Slayer knows what I mean by FN! Slayer!! I find it quite hilarious, when some drunk dude or goth chick screams it real loud. That saying has become a staple among the metal community.  Show your support for the masters of metal with these Alchemy Gothic Slayer...

Dark Wolf Pendant Necklace


Dark Wolf Pendant Necklace Go howling into the night with this Dark Wolf Pendant Necklace. Or you could just stay at home, spending the night watching Stranger Things on Netflix like a nerd!  Perfect unique gift idea for that wolf fan. We all know someone that is obsessed with wolves. Made with fine english pewter, not silver. I promise. Comes...

Love Returns Rose Pendant Necklace


Love Returns Rose Pendant Necklace Strut your beauty with this beautiful Love Returns Rose Pendant Necklace. Be careful though, you might attract a few vampires that might want to suck on your neck.  This Elegant piece features a resin black rose with the traditional Swallow bird on each side, made of pewter. The Swallow represents True love. Hanging on a...

Romance Rose Pendant Necklace


Romance Rose Pendant Necklace Are you that goth girl waiting for true romance to come along? Guess what, you have just found it! This gorgeous Romance Rose Pendant Necklace with make you happier then any satanic goth guy ever could. I am still waiting for that call though!  This beauty features a single black resin rose crossed over a new...

Thors Hammer Mjolnir Pendant Necklace


Thors Hammer Mjolnir Pendant Necklace Alchemy Gothic Necklace 100% Lead-Free English Pewter Thors Hammer Mjolnir Pendant Necklace 21" Chain Width 1.4" x Height 2" x Depth 0.3"

Fairy Necklace with Black Rose


Fairy Necklace with Black Rose  This garden fairy necklace with a black rose. Alchemy Gothic Necklace 100% Lead-Free English Pewter Fairy Necklace with black resin rose 18" Chain H: 44mm (1.73") W: 56mm (2.20") D: 12mm (0.47") Weight: 17g (0.60oz)